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Paediatric Pulmonologist in Guntur

Dr. Sagar Suresh Warankar
(Paediatric Pulmonologist,Asthma & Allergy Specialist)

Our Paediatric Pulmonology department is committed to provide quality and evidence based health care services for children. With team of experienced pulmonologists, Kanumuri Hospitals is the one stop solution for all respiratory diseases and disorders at affordable costs. We are equipped with smallest available neonatal bronchoscope with all necessary accessories. With this scope, we can retrieve airway foreign bodies even in newborn babies. We are also equipped with regular paediatric flexible & rigid bronchoscopes as well as paediatric thoracoscope. Our Pulmonology department is supported by thoracic surgeons well trained in VATS.

Our Services Are:

Asthma & Allergy (Allergy testing (Skin Prick Test)


Airway Foreign Body Removal

Chronic Lung Diseases

Congenital Lung Diseases

Neonatal and Paediatric Bronchoscopy – Flexible & Rigid

Paediatric Thoracoscopy

Thoracic Surgery – VATS

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